Bookbook for iPad

Fed up of the same boring iPad cases? Looking for a case that protects whilst also hiding your iPad from those darn thieves? Well the bookbook could be the perfect thing for you.

I have several iPad cases, and I do tend to prefer those which protect the whole device specifically the corners! I do not see the point in those which do not protect the back of the device, as this can lead to scratching and, in my experience, the remnants of whatever was on the table being stuck to it (thank you Starbucks…). Although rather pricey I feel it is worth the value for money if you are going to be carrying your iPad out and about.

I find however that it is rather bulky and does not fit easily in to your average “man bag” or travel bag. As I take mine to work, this is an issue for me. Taking it around the supermarket or through a shopping centre however is much easier and allows me to not be eying whoever sees it (strange how in America people whack them out willy nilly though). I have lent mine to a few friends and they have agreed on the inconspicuous nature of it being a bonus, unfortunately there are only 3 straps supporting the device in place, two on the bottom corners and one on the top. This had lead to, despite what you may think, the iPad being quite loose and if you tilt it forward slightly, it does slip out the restraints at times. A little research would suggest a few people have already had this issue.

In conclusion, it is a good looking case but for general use I would look for one with more safety straps or stronger binds. Also at a price of £69.99 it is rather pricy for a piece of eye candy.

You can buy the BookBook for iPad here.


Nomad Brush

Why use an iPad stylus? Well for those obligatory Facebook and twitter buffs out there who just use an iPad for informing the world of their every movements, then perhaps these items are a waste for you. But for everyone else, read on.

So if you tend to use your iPad for writing, browsing or creating artwork, then there are several stylus and brushes that can help. Here is the first of these.

Nomad Brush $24


Those who use their iPads for creating works of art, or perhaps to help their children develop artistic skills then the Nomad Brush is ideal. With a 190 mm wooden handle, the ergonomic design feels just like a real brush on canvas. At 56g it is light enough to give you friction during detail but not lad to clumsy streaks.

The only down side would be that you tend to use varying amounts of pressure with the brush which doesn’t affect the opacity of your strokes, leading in turn to you not making any mark on the screen.